Pet & Livestock Products

Our range of pet and livestock nourishment is also complemented by commonly required accessories and supplements. We don't just stock the food and vital accessories required to raise an animal from 1 day old to adulthood, but also the equipment and vet lines to assist your care for them.
The overview below will give you a good idea of just how big our quality range really is. If you don't see what you're after, chances are we've got it or something similar in stock anyway or can order it for you.

Birds: Pellets & Seeds, Feeders, Nesting & Treats

Whether you only have one bird or are feeding a whole barn full, we have the food, bird feeders and accessories to suit. If you only have a couple of backyard chickens, parrots or ducks or even just a canary or budgie in your home, buying a five or twenty kilo bag of food can save you substantially in feeding costs each year, rather than relying on the heavily marked-up smaller quantities of food that's available in the supermarket's pet aisle. Bird food if kept well can last a lot longer before going off than you may think.

We have the quality and trusted brands that professional breeders and growers use themselves to produce more colourful, healthy and egg-happy birds, such as Barastoc and Laucke Mills.

Cats: Wet & Dry Foods, Cat Litter & Carry Cages

Cats can be fussy eaters and we have the big range to help you find something to whet their appetite. Various flavours of BlackHawk dry and wet food on one shelf, Supercoat for kittens and adult cats on another shelf below. Anyone wishing to buy large bags of cat food will find stacks of 10kg Catpro Plus bags in various flavours, as well as 10kg bags of Supercoat and Friskies Meaty Grills.

Nearby are bulk bags of Attapulgite Clay, Kat'z Korner, Max's and Breeders Choice cat litter, perfect for catteries or just buying in bulk to save. We also have transport cages, collar bells, food and water trays and combs.

Cattle, Pigs & Goats: Food From Day Old to Adult

Cattle, pigs and goats sure can eat through a lot of feed, and we have stacks of it reaching towards the roof. Our range goes from quality and economical locally-sourced bags of feed to Laucke Mills, Rumevite and Barastoc. From ProfeLAC Silver calf milk replacer, rearer pellets, calf meal, grower pellets to finishing and adult feed, you can nourish them at any age.
Bags of “Superior Shavings” pine wood shavings in different sizes and stacks of straw helps keep your animals dry and comfortable.
Minrosa rock salt and many boxes of multi-mineral supplements are on our shelves to help make the most of your livestock's feed.

All that feed does require some heavy duty cleaning tools, and we stock the tough Tubtrugs Shovels and Gorilla Brooms, as well as Wm.Faulks forks and rakes that are built to last.

Dogs: Breeder Quality Chilled, Wet & Dry Foods

Your best doggie friends have so many brands and types of food available here, you're bound to find something that will suit their needs. Save by not buying small portions from supermarkets.
From puppy to adult, every choice you make will give your dog a quality nutritionally complete meal and for extra variety there's raw frozen meat as well as chilled preservative-free dog food from Tucker Time in the fridge. We stock dog food from BlackHawk, including grain-free varieties, as well as Pedigree, Cobber, Advance, Supercoat, Bonnie in puppy, family dog, working dog and older dog varieties.

Accessories-wise, there are various leashes, collars and training aids such as Gentle Leader and Halti Headcollars, muzzles, car restraints, combs, WeatherBeeta coats, dog beds, tie out cables, harnesses, treats, nail and Andis grooming clippers.

Horses & Ponies: Vast Supplies of Feed & Bedding

If you're looking for mountains of different horse and pony feed for all ages, you'll feel right at home in our store. Chances are you'll find the exact type you're looking for and also its alternatives. There are many bags of feed from local suppliers and also well-known names like Barastoc, Pryde's EasiFeed, Hygain, Sweetbulk, Omega Feeds, Kentucky Equine Research, Castlereagh Feeds and Mitavite.

In addition to our farrier supplies and Olsson’s supplements and vet lines for all animals, there are stacks of accessories to keep your horse comfortable, with face masks, rugs, grooming tools from Wahl and others and Rancher and Kingsland Equestrian horse gear.

Rabbits, Rats & Guinea Pigs: Food, Treats, Bedding

Well, they may be small, but they sure can have an appetite! Rabbits, rats and guinea pigs make easy-going pets and we have the quality food and accessories to help you make their lives more comfortable. There are plenty of 20kg bags of Ol' Jacks premium rabbit pellets and guinea pig pellets, as well as Laucke Mills rat and mouse food.
If 20kg bags are too much, we also have economical 5kg bags and extra little treats.

Watering kits, harness and lead sets, nail clippers, grooming scissors and pine wood shavings are here if you need them.

Sheep, Alpacas & More: Feed & Supplements

From ProfeLAC milk replacer to adult supplementary and nutritionally complete feeds and Olsson’s livestock nutrition supplements, we can have your livestock's nutritional requirements covered. Our quality hay and livestock feeds from Laucke Mills and Rumevite can feed your sheep, alpacas, cattle, llamas and deer. Calf and lamb teats are always in stock.

Electric fencing can be maintained with our Gallagher electric fence energizers, poly braid, poly tape, insulators and other various accessories.
Common farm pests can be controlled with our extensive range of traps from snapping to multi-catch, paste, pellets and blocks from various brands including Ramik, Tomcat, Racumin, Ratshot and Talon. Insects can be controlled with residual insecticide and old-fashioned but effective and non-toxic fly catching ribbons. Algaecide stock troughs are also available.

Turtles & Fish: Live, Frozen & Dried Foods

From the fish bowl to pond, you'll find small and bulk supplies of food for turtles and fish. On our shelves we keep Nutrafin Max pellets, Sera Raffy I and Raffy P for turtles and Nutrafin flakes, Wardley Ten Stix and bulk bags of flakes for fish.

In the freezer you'll find Hikari brine shrimp, Aqua One bloodworm for tropical fish and aquatic turtles, as well as several products from the Fish Fuel Co. such as Heart & Prawns, Goldfish Food, Community Food, Turtle Food and more. Mealworms from SA Live Foods are kept in the fridge.

To deal with algae problems or prepare tap water for fish use, we stock PondCare algaecide and water conditioner.

Is there something for your animal you're looking for?

Chances are we have it or can get it for you. Just ask, we're here to help!
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