Vet Lines & Farrier Supplies

The range of vet lines we stock in our air-conditioned part of the store is truly extensive. Our vet lines include proven brands of internal and external pest control, vitamins and supplements, skin care and also probiotics, specialised and medicated shampoos and general care and maintenance products for horses, dogs, cats and livestock.

Farrier supplies go beyond horseshoes, nails and tools; we have shelves dedicated to hoof care oils and treatments as well. Keep your saddle looking great with our leather maintenance products.

Our decades-long history and experience with horses and farm animals has driven us to create the selection of farrier, animal care and support products that we would want quick and easy access to ourselves.
The supporting of your care for your animals doesn't stop with trusted-brand feed and accessories; it continues with a vast selection of products from trusted brands you would normally expect at the vet. Give us a call for any specific products you may be after, and we'll do our best to assist.

Vet Lines: Pest Control, Supplements, First-Aid

For the biggest brands in treating worms, fleas, ticks, lice and other nasties bugging your animal friends and livestock, you can browse in our air-conditioned showroom or ask for friendly advice. Supplements, bandages and antiseptics for general and various conditions complement our range of animal care products.

Brand names and products that you'll recognise, such as GritBix, Wombaroo, Ranvet, Virbac, Di-Vetelact, Equimec, Vetsense, Troy, Bayer, Frontline Plus, Revolution and many more fill our shelves.

Farrier Supplies: Horseshoes, Nails, Tools & Care

Many horseshoes and sizes from O'Dwyer and other brands, rasps, tools, toe clips, nails and hoof care products can be found in one convenient place on our large shelf and rack. Trusted brands in problem prevention, treatment and also the polishing of hooves such as Kohnke's Own, Effol Hoof Ointment, Radiol, Kerckhaert, Equinade and more are easy to find.

Nearby you'll also see saddle care products such as Joseph Lyddy saddle soap, glycerine soap, Dubbin, Effax Leather Oil and Combi.

Big range of vet lines & farrier supplies

If there's something you're after, there are lots of ways to reach us on the contact page.
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